Rats Consume 9 Lakh Litres Alcohol From Police Godowns In Dry State Bihar!

**Bhubaneswar: ** In a very peculiar case, the 9.15 lakh litres of alcohol, which was seized by the Bihar police following complete ban by Nitish Kumar government has been gulped down by the rats, according to the Bihar police.
The issue came up after the media reported that the seized bottles of liquor were missing from police station ‘malkhanas’ (stores).

At a recent meeting of the state police, it was said that some of the seized bottles had been destroyed, and what was left was finished off in the stores by liquor-loving rats.

According to Additional Director General of Police (Headquarters) S K Singhal, “We have asked the Patna zonal IG to inquire into the matter. Based on his findings, the state police headquarters will initiate further action.”

The historic move by the Nitish Kumar government in imposing a complete ban on sale of any kind of liquor in Bihar, making it the fourth dry state of the country after Nagaland, Manipur and Gujarat, in April, through a notification is reaping its results in such an uncanny manner. The State which banned liquor for humans have drunken mice amidst them now!

“With the rats running riot and the men in uniform not above suspicion, policemen in police stations would now be subjected to random breath analyser test to check whether they too had a swig or two of the confiscated booty,” Manu Maharaj, Patna Senior Superintendent of Police.

According to sources, the state police had raided 2,18,722 locations and seized liquor valued at Rs 50 crore in the last one year, an Excise and Prohibition Department official said.

According to a police report, 40,413 cases have been registered for violations of the liquor ban.


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