Senior Journalists Caught Stealing Silver Spoons At London During Mamata’s Official Dinner Meet

**London:** Senior journalists handpicked by their media houses to accompany West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee on an important official tour to London made the fraternity ashamed as they were caught stealing the silver cutlery at the luxury hotel where they were all attending an official dinner with the CM, according to a report by ‘Outlook’ published on January 9.

Reports say that the whole act of these journalists was captured on CCTV but the security staff of the hotel did not raise an alarm, lest it would embarrass Mamata didi who was a VVIP guest of that hotel.
Later, they confronted the journalists quietly and informed them about their acts. They requested the journalists to keep the cutlery back on the table.

Most of the reporters felt ashamed and immediately did the needful except one, who had stealthily slipped his loot into a fellow reporter’s bag. The guards literally threatened him to hand him over to police as the whole act was captured by CCTV, according to sources.

Eventually he confessed and even paid a fine of 50 pounds for his misdeed.

It is worth mentioning that they were having dinner with prominent citizens both from England and India, which included industrialists, politicians and journalists.

And these journalists took no time to embarrass the country, by trying to lift a couple of silver spoons.

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS, some senior journalists from Kolkata however clarified that only a single senior journalist, from a reputed Bengali daily was allegedly involved and caught and ironically, the owner of that publication was also present in the meeting.

So far no action has been taken against the 62-yr-old erring journalist, who is also the son of a noted Bengali writer.

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