Shocking: “They Took Off My Ventilator”, Last Words Of Telangana Man, Before Dying Of COVID-19

Bhubaneswar: A 35-year-old man of Hyderabad died due to COVID-19 at the Chest Hospital (in Hyderabad). Before giving up, while he was still on the hospital bed, Ravi video graphed a message to his father on his mobile phone. In the message he said:

“Can’t breathe, they removed the ventilator. It’s been 3 hours, I asked and they said you had enough. I feel that my heart stopped beating. Nothing is left in me. Bye daddy, bye everyone.”

Ravi’s father Venkatesh, in a statement highlighted the shortcomings of the Telangana government.

“My son had fever of around 100 degrees. I took him to the hospital on June 23 where they said he had COVID symptoms and needed to be tested.”

I went around 10-12 hospitals in the city and yet could not manage to get his tests done. I was also not able to admit him to any hospital.

Venkatesh added, “Finally, Ravi was admitted to the Chest Hospital, where he succumbed. I do not know what happened. Why the ventilator and oxygen were removed. His coronavirus report had not come till then, when he went through all this.

The Superintendent of Chest Hospital Mehboob Khan has refuted the allegations. He said, “Coronavirus had affected the patient’s heart also. Because of which he had problems in breathing even with ventilator support.” Khan added that there are sufficient ventilators in the Chest Hospital.


Ravi’s Father


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