There Are Many Laws, But Very Less Implementation: Rijiju

Gandhinagar:  Union Minister of Law and Justice, Kiren Rijiju said on Sunday that there are many laws in the country but the implementation is very slow and there is a need to speed up the delivery of justice in the country.

Kiren Rijiju was speaking on the occasion of inauguration of the School of Law, Forensic Justice and Policy Studies at the National Forensics Sciences University (NFSU) in Gandhinagar on Sunday.

He said, “We get to listen to judges commentaries due to the proactive media, the court judgements, where sometimes we hear the judge’s praises and sometimes their anguish also. Sometimes we see such wonderful judgements from the Supreme Court and High Courts on various issues, but then we come to know that contempt has been filed. It shouldn’t happen, that we act only after a contempt has been filed. Leave apart the contempt thing, but we should be proactive in our work.”

He added, “We are also so much frustrated sometimes that even though we make so many laws, there is no quick implementation.”

Rijiju also said that there was a need to speed up the judicial process.

“When we talk about Justice at the Doorstep, when we talk about quick justice delivery, then we have to think about developing a mechanism with the application of science which puts an end to people waiting endlessly to get justice. When we talk about ‘Ease of Business’, ‘Ease of Living’, we should also talk about ‘Ease of getting Justice’, how justice can be delivered easily,” said Rijiju.

“There is also a need to bring about change with time. Take for instance, the Evidence Act. There are provisions which in today’s time are irrelevant. Also, now with the Artificial Intelligence (AI), advent of emerging technology and science, it is becoming challenging for the judiciary to deliver quick justice. This is where universities like the NFSU comes in,” said Rijiju.

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and minister of state, Harsh Sanghavi, Supreme Court Justice M.R. Shah, were among those who attended the event. The acting Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court, Justice R.M. Chhaya, Rajendra Trivedi, the minister of law and justice in Gujarat government and many judges from various Courts were also present at the inaugural event.