Twitter Post For And Against Clips To Clarify CAA, NRC

New Delhi: A video clip in which a young woman is seen and heard explaining what all the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and National Register of Citizens are about went viral on Twitter on Tuesday, with people tweeting both for and against on the issue.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal posted a one-minute clipping in which a young man and woman are discussing the issue and wrote on @PiyushGoyal: “#CoolBano #FoolNahi.”

It got 100.1K views, 4.2K retweets and 12.2K likes.

In a subsequent tweet, a young woman is seen and heard discussing the issue. The BJP leader wrote: CAA is not meant for Indian citizens. So they have no reason to be afraid. Even otherwise, why should any Indian citizen be afraid? And whoever is afraid is not Indian. #Chill #CoolBano #FoolNahi.”

It got 73.1K views, 4.4K retweets and 14.3K likes.

One supporter remarked: “Very good. If you are an Indian, why be afraid of CAA.”

Another supporter commented: “Support CAA. It is necessary to make the country strong.”

One user said: “Instead of making a fool of people, do some work.”

Another remarked: Now, who will tell Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to sell government properties.”

A post read: “Nice propaganda.”

A Twitter user wrote: For one, ask the Prime Minister and the Home Minister to be on the same page on NRC. It is only creating misunderstandings.”

One user had a funny take: “The pandas of Haridwar enough for us to prove our Indian citizenship. Who came when, went when are all on record for not three but 50 generations.”


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