Twitterati Amused Over Elephant Calf’s Novel Rescue From Well

New Delhi:  The way an elephant calf in Jharkhand was rescued by forest officials and villagers with practical application of some basic science has earned praise from a section of Twitterati.

Indian Forest Service officer Ramesh Pandey posted the rescue clip on Twitter and captioned it: “Heart-warming pictures of how intelligently the team @dfogumla and villagers save an elephant calf who had fallen into a well. They pumped in water into the well to make the animal float to the surface. Great work.”

After the post went viral, a user wrote: “Marvellous example of traditional scientific knowledge of the village. In day-to-day activities more people are using such knowledge to live their lives in comfortable ways.”

Another wrote: “Smart thinking by the team @dfogumla and villagers… amazing story to narrate to schoolchildren on how they can apply their learning in school to real life.”

A post read: “What an idea sir ji! Practical application of theory. I would have never thought about it if left alone. Great to see the forest department doing a wonderful job! Keep it up!!”

A Tweeple remarked: “Amazing! Science at its best. Great example to show to kids during Physics lesson! They will get to learn both science & love to animals.”


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