Twitterati Shed Tears Over Rise In Onion Prices

New Delhi:  The prices of onions are bringing tears to the eyes of consumers all over India, with a kilo of the staple costing a whopping Rs 100 in some city retail markets.

The vegetable not only scored a ‘century’, its price shot even higher in a few markets.

Whenever the prices of onions rise, almost every Indian household gets affected. Nowadays, onions are priced around Rs 70-80 per kg and there is a huge uproar on this issue among the common public, though many are trying to substitute precious onions with other cheaper alternatives like cabbage and radish.

People are now left with no choice but to incur higher costs to buy onions. Onion is a subject close to the heart of the common man, so it had to trend. The hashtag #Onion which is still trending started with the initial news and later the baton was carried by Twitterati to combat the pressure of increasing prices of onions, in a funny way.

A Twitter user took to the micro-blogging site, saying” “#Onion price sun ke teri aankhon me aansu aati hai, Teri yaad yaad yaad bas yaad reh jati hai.”

“Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, pyazz se lagta hai,” which is a witty take on one of the popular dialogues of Salman Khan-starrer ‘Dabangg’.

Another post read, “Had some petty cash, socha gold prices have come down toh few gm gold khareedu. Then I changed my mind…Hum bazaar jaakar pyaaz le aaye #OnionPrices.”

A user remarked, “Earlier #onions used to make us cry now #OnionPrices.”

“I guess it’s time when I should keep a check on my onion consumption with prices touching record high,” added another.



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