Viral Girl Who Showed Resolve In Face Of Covid-19 Dies

Bhubaneswar: The 30-year-old girl who had earned praises for displaying happiness and courage even after not getting an ICU bed at the COVID Emergency ward of a hospital in Delhi has died.

The news of her demise was shared by Dr Monika Langeh, who had earlier shared the video of the girl on May 8 in which the Covid-19 patient was seen making the most of her time in the hospital bed.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it. “I am very sorry..we lost the brave soul..Om Shanti. Please pray for the family and the kid to bear this loss,” Dr Langeh tweeted on Thursday.

Reportedly, the girl needed to be hospitalised but she could not get an ICU bed. She had been on Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) or ventilator support in the Emergency ward for over 10 days.

However, the girl reflected hope amid despair while playing music and swaying to the tunes. The video of this fighter young girl was shared by Dr Langeh, an Emergency Physician of the Delhi hospital.

Dr Langeh had on May 10 informed that the girl got the ICU bed but her condition is not stable. The doctor had expressed her helplessness and had asked all to pray for the girl who has a little kid waiting at home.

After her demise, Dr Langeh today requested all news channels not to approach and force her for the interviews regarding the brave soul.

She informed that the girl’s family is mourning and they didn’t take any help from anyone despite being offered. The girl’s husband also refused interviews.