Wall In Gwalior Collapses While Minister Was Inspecting It

Gwalior: Madhya Pradesh Energy Minister Pradhuman Singh Tomar was inspecting a chamber in Gwalior being built under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) scheme when the wall on which the Minister stepped on collapsed. Following this, he immediately ordered an inquiry into the construction work.

According to official information, a chamber was being built under the AMRUT scheme on Sunday near the Gwalior mental health centre.

When Tomar was passing through this area on Sunday, he stopped his car. As soon as he put pressure on the wall of the chamber with his feet to check the quality of construction the wall fell down. The minister expressed strong displeasure over the incident and reprimanded the construction company along with its officials.

Allegations have been levelled several times about the quality of the ongoing construction work under the AMRUT scheme. Gwalior Municipal Corporation Commissioner Shivam Verma has pulled up the officials of the construction firm. A fine of Rs 1 lakh has also been imposed on the firm.