Watch Arnab Goswami Abused By Stand-Up Comedian On Flight

Bhubaneswar: Senior Journalist and Editor in Chief of Republic TV Arnab Goswami was abused by stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra on a flight recently. Kamra went on to post a video on his Twitter handle which shows Kamra hurling abuses on Arnab and critising his journalism and several other aspects including his stand on various topics.

The senior journalist, however, kept his cool and was in no way distracted by the slangs or speech of Kamra. While the details and timing of this incident is yet to be ascertained, from Kamra’s tweet it appears to have occurred recently. The post appeared at around 4:30 pm today on Twitter.

People from the journalistic fraternity have condemned Kamra’s attitude and stance. A senior reporter said, “I saw this & I am uncomfortable with this heckling. It’s not a public event where he’s being heckled. This is his private space, he could have been with his family. Tomorrow it can happen with any of us.”

Another journalist said, “I am no fan of Arnab but this is not ok. The invasion, the mocking tone. Personally, I don’t think there is anything to applaud here.”

“It has been happening. Rajdeep faced it. Sagarika, Rana Ayub, Rohini Singh, Dhanya – so many face it every day. Directly or indirectly,” he added.

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