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Watch: Dramatic Visuals Of Vehicles Being Swept After Hyderabad Rains

Bhubaneswar: Torrential rains since Tuesday wreaked havoc in Telangana, with capital Hyderabad facing the worst damage in forms of life and property. What is said to be one of the worst rains to have hit the historic city, scores of localities lay submerged with shocking visuals of driverless cars speeding away on waterway-turned-roads.

Twitterati never fails to disappoint and the micro-blogging platform was filled with such dramatic visuals of vehicles being swept away by strong currents of rainwater.

One of the most circulated visuals is that of extremely strong current making three red cars getting toppled on top of another. While the exact location from where this visual emerged is unknown, the extent of damage to the roads and houses seems beyond imagination. Twitter user Manoj Kumar posted this video.

Executive Editor, NDTV Uma Sudhir tweeted the next set of visuals. The first video is both ‘eerie and scary’ as a driverless car speeds off along with the water current and then changes its direction. The next one which is reportedly from Saroor Nagar captures a car and a lorry being carried away with the current and looking like toys rather than heavy vehicles.

Another Twitter user Anusha Puppala posted a video of a topsy turvy car getting pulled along with rainwater. Screams of people could be heard from the background. Location of this incident is also unknown.

In yet another such incident which occurred on Tuesday night in Saidabad area; with the only difference that the driver was trapped inside the vehicle. The Hindu reported the story of M Ravindra (51) whose car got stuck behind a tree after being washed away in gushing water. After a risky operation of nearly two hours, Saidabad police finally brought him out safely.

The Army and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) joined the relief and rescue work in the Hyderabad city and the Telangana state in general. The NDRF said it evacuated more than 1,000 people from inundated areas in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts.

Netizens came together in blaming the local administration and the state government. From land encroachments to the improper drainage system to not paying attention to needful development that a city like Hyderabad needs-everything is being blamed.


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