Will Continue To Fight For Poor In The State: Chandrababu Naidu

Kuppam (Andhra Pradesh): In his first visit to Kuppam after the recent panchayat polls drubbing, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) national president Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday vowed that he would continue to fight for the poor in the state.

“Despite the hardships being caused, I will continue to stand by the poor and fight for them,” declared Naidu, alleging that the government is conspiring to stop him from fighting for the poor.

He fondly reminded Kuppam people that they always treated him as a family member. Naidu said Kuppam, the constituency which he has been representing for several years never separated people.

Further praising the place, Naidu said the constituency is an example to the state and boasted that Kuppam people saved him in their heart.

“Any good initiative we wanted to do, we started from Kuppam,” he claimed, saying that the constituency was developed like no other place in India.

The TDP supremo alleged that there were many irregularities in the recently concluded rural local bodies elections.

Naidu said that he never resorted to corrupt ways in his political life of 40 years. He ridiculed Chief Minister Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy that welfare activities were not just limited to him.

The former chief minister issued a warning to the ruling party that he is remembering all the hiccups they were subjecting the TDP cadres to.

“I will return everything to you with interest,” he fumed.

Addressing the party cadres, Naidu alleged that the government did no good in the past two years and compared that some welfare schemes were better in the TDP government than the current YSRCP one.