‘Cyclone’ Most Likely To Spare Odisha: SRC

Bhubaneswar: The cyclonic storm that is brewing over the Bay of Bengal will most likely spare Odisha coast.

“According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD’s) information, there is no possibility of it making landfall on Odisha coast,” informed Pradip Kumar Jena, Special Relief Commissioner (SRC), Odisha here today addressing a presser.

The SRC said that basing on IMD’s data his office has plotted the path of the possible cyclone which indicates that in all likelihood it would not touch Odisha.

Jena, however, cautioned that clear picture may emerge by evening today or by tomorrow.

“It has now intensified into a deep depression which is likely to take the shape of a cyclonic storm. Under its influence, coastal districts in northern Odisha will experience light to moderate rainfall around 9th and 10th. IMD has forecast wind speed in these districts at 40-50kmph with gusting up to 60kmph. Fisherfolk have been warned not to venture into the sea after 7th evening and those who are out in the seas have been advised to return to the shore by 7th evening,” he added.

The SRC said that since rains are expected, precautionary measures have to be taken and added, “Agriculture department has already issued advisory on agriculture, district Collectors have taken all steps to publicize it”.

He stated that he has personally spoken to all district Collectors in this regard.

Giving details of the IMD’s prediction on the trajectory of the possible cyclone, the SRC said: “According to the IMD’s forecast the cyclonic storm will lay centred at a distance of 320 km from Gopalpur at 5 pm on November 8th and at 7 pm on 9th November it will lay centred at a distance of 170 km from Astarang. Besides, on 10th November at 7 pm, it will be at a distance of 160 km on the east from Paradip and on 11th November at 5.30 am it will lay centred at a distance of 140km on the east of Dhamra. It is most likely to make landfall between November 10th evening to November 11th morning. According to IMD’s information, there is no possibility of the cyclonic storm making  landfall on Odisha coast.”

The SRC, however, said that his office will update the media as and when information is available on the possible cyclonic storm.

Pradip Kumar Jena, Special Relief Commissioner, Odisha


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