#JNUAttack: Students In Odisha Capital Express Solidarity

Bhubaneswar: Students across colleges and universities in Bhubaneswar have univocally condemned yesterday’s brutal attack on students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) by masked goons.

The student community described the attack on the students at the nation’s premier university who were peacefully opposing fee hike by masked goons armed with iron rods, sticks, stones, sledgehammers, etc as brutal and uncalled for.

They have expressed solidarity with the students of JNU in their fight against the Central government’s attempts to stifle democratic voices.

The protesting students blamed the AVBP, the RSS, the BJP and the regime at the Centre for the violence at the JNU campus.

“The government is in a revenge mood. This is not the first time such an attack has been unleashed on students at JNU. Students of Jamia, AMU have been attacked,” said Sanghamitra Jena of BJB Autonomous College.

“AVBP and RSS goons have attacked the students who were protesting peacefully inside the campus against fee hike,” Jena added.

She blamed the Union Home Minister Amit Shah for the failure of the police in protecting the students and property at the JNU campus which was vandalized by the goons.

“We all students strongly condemn these attacks. Students will further intensify their agitation against this in the future,” said Sashikanta Ranasingh, student of Utkal University.

“This is the work of AVBP and RSS combine. It is the work of their goons. Please verify the visuals, they are all ABVP men. This government under Modi and Shah is trying to stifle the voices of the students. They know that JNU students understand economics and the state of the economy of the country,” he added.

“Look at the visuals the police is standing doing nothing while students are being beaten up by the masked goons. Look at JNSU president Aishe Ghosh how she has been beaten up all bleeding but the police are standing mute and protecting the attackers instead. From this you can well understand that this was planned and has been executed by the police and the Central government,” said S Senapati, a student of the National Institute of Social Work and Social Sciences (NISWASS).

“This attack is an attempt by the government to stifle the voice of the students who were protesting democratically against fee hike. This is unfortunate,” stated Palli Mallick, a student of Utkal University.

“Yesterday my mom showed me the video, both of us couldn’t sleep in the night. I don’t want to get into the details of why it happened but you all might have seen in the video that a girl who has been injured on her head is bleeding profusely and people with masks on their faces and big stones have been hurled at. It has happened with them today and can happen to me tomorrow. They were peacefully protesting which is their right. They have been attacked to scare them off. We need to continue with our protest till the powers get to know that students are united,” said Ananya Aparajita, a student of BJB Autonomous College.


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