‘Make In Odisha Conclave 2018’ Showcases Odisha As Preferred Destination Of Electronics & IT Investment

**Bhubaneswar: ** During the ongoing Make In Odisha Conclave 2018, Odisha received Rs 390 crores investments from 6 companies in the Electronics & IT sectors as well as Tourism and Sports.

The Conclave today unveiled Odisha as the new and modern global and domestic destination for the IT & Electronics industry. The Conclave organized interesting and engaging sessions on IT & Electronics, Tourism and Sports for industry leaders, businessmen, entrepreneurs, among others to showcase what all Odisha has to offer in terms of investment.

Addressing the session, Electronics & Information Technology and Sports & Youth Affairs Minister Chandra Sarathl Behera said, “Electronics and IT is one of the fastest growing segments of Indian Industry. The State proudly houses the top five IT firms in the country and has the maximum number of STPIs. The State has decided to put aside INR 1000 crores from every year’s budget primarily for the growth of IT Sector. Odisha Government is committed to take all the steps to build Bhubaneswar as the leading place for IT industry.”

He also mentioned that the State Government, with partnership with Oracle India, will be setting up an Oracle academy in Bhubaneswar with the goal of helping students become IT ready.

Odisha Electronics & Information Technology Department Principal Secretary C. J. Venugopal said, “IT sector is imperative for the State, it has persuaded us to create liberal policies which provide strong incentives on capital investments. On IT side we are witnessing a 15, YoY growth and are looking at exports of INR 4000 crores. The State has one of the lowest attrition rates in country. We have signed a MoU with the University of Chicago. We are setting up a Fabrication lab in Bhubaneswar in collaboration with Fab Foundation and we’re also setting up a characterization lab and a fully capacitated incubator to facilitate startups.”

The technical session moderated by Mr Venugopal enabled a platform to facilitate a free flow of ideas to harness Odisha’s potential as the new IT hub.

During the session, prominent experts like Mr Josh Foulger, Country Head and Managing Director, Foxconn International Holding, India, Mr Nitin Kunkolienker, President, Manufacturer Assocation for Information Technology (MAIT), Prof N K Gotyal, Chairman, Teleco Equipment Manufacturers’ Association of India (TEMA), Mr Ranjan Ram Mishra, President, India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), Mr Subhojit Ganguly, Region Manager, National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and [ Gopal Krishna Nayak, Director, International Institute of Information and Technology (III), Bhubaneswar shared their ideas.

In the spirit of the session, Mr Josh Foulger expressed that India is currently a $70 Billion Industry. It employs people of all demographics and has a large share of women employees. He said that a target to turn the industry’s valuation to $1 Trillion in the next ten years.

He said that Odisha has huge untapped opportunities and it can benefit by making appropriate changes and creation of infrastructure and logistics for ESDM manufacturing.

He was quite impressed with the arrangements made for Make in Odisha Conclave.

Mr Nitin Kunkolienker & Mr Subhojit Ganguly stressed on the importance of skill development, stating the frequent change in technologies, they explained in order to better use the new technology, there has to be a lot manpower and skill development.

Mr Rajesh Ram Mishra, informed that Odisha supplies 5% of the country’s engineers, it’s home to 2.5% of the startups in the country and stuck on the irony that Odisha is the land of craftsmen and this craftsmanship to create newer and better technologies.

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