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05 October 2019


Balangir: The progressive ‘Mo Sarkar’ campaign was launched by the Odisha Government to make governance more people-centric. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has always advocated for the 5T formula which aims at achieving progress through Transparency, Teamwork, Technology, Time and Transformation.

And the impact of ‘Mo Sarkar’ campaign was witnessed when a corrupt cop was suspended based on a complaint of a commoner. This path-breaking event occurred at Saintala in Bolangir district.

One poultry dealer Asish Kumar Sahoo had a minor altercation with a person from his neighbourhood on September 12. Both Sahoo and the other party had filed cases against each other.

Relating the incident, Sahoo said, “To discuss my case I was called by the investigating officer SI (Sub-Inspector)  Jagdish Mahanand to Saintala Police Station. Now instead of inquiring about the case, the SI asked for a bribe to solve the case in my favour. He asked for some cash, chickens, and eggs. I was at a loss on what to do next.”

Now as part of ‘Mo Sarkar’ initiative, CM Naveen on October 2 interacted with randomly chosen petitioners on the occasion of 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Sahoo was one of the chosen ones.

Sahoo got a call from Bolangir DPO and Bolangir Superintendent of Police (SP) Madkar Sandeep Sampat chatted with him. He was informed that DIGP (Northern Range) Himanshu Kumar Lal and CM Naveen Patnaik were also in conference and that they wanted to enquire about his experience at the Saintala Police Station. He shared his rather unpleasant experience.

 He further says, “A few days later the SP again got in touch with me and even came to my home to talk about the matter. He took my detailed input and promised to take action. I just came to know that SI Mahanand has now been suspended.”

Asked about the whole experience, Sahoo said, “I am very happy that the Government heeded to my concern and also acted upon it. It gives me and others like me great hope in the administration.”