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#OdishaFightsCorona: Individual Consumers Barred From Wholesale Markets

06 April 2020


Bhubaneswar: Henceforth, individual consumers are barred from visiting wholesale markets, informed Odisha government's Chief Spokesperson on COVID-19 management Subroto Bagchi today.

"From today individual consumers like you and me cannot visit wholesale markets. This market is meant for retailers to procure stuff for their shops," said Bagchi addressing the daily scheduled press briefing on COVID-19 preparedness, monitoring and management at the Geeta Govinda Sadan here. 

He said, “You have to procure your stuff from the retail grocery shop in your locality".

While visiting the nearest grocery shop or vegetable seller in the locality consumers are barred from using motorcycles/scooters or cars they can either walk down or at best use a bicycle, he added.

"This is an extraordinary time and we have to take extraordinary measures, this is the time of restraint and not of pleasure. This pain which you are taking you are not taking it for the government you are taking it for yourself and your family and you have to take it," the Chief Spokesperson clarified. 

Worth mentioning, there were reports of people crowding wholesale vegetable and grocery markets after the end of the 48-hour shutdown giving a damn to social distancing-the key for containment of spread of coronavirus infection.