‘Sanatan Dharma’ Babas Bless Odisha CM In Naveen Niwas

**Bhubaneswar:** It is election season and all the politicians are busy winning hearts of the people. Like every other exam time, mighty preparations are necessary for elections as well. And, along with that some blessings can prove wonders too. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s luck was strengthened a bit more today as he received blessings from ‘babas’ (spiritual leaders) of the Utkal Sanatan Dharma Parishad at Naveen Niwas here.

The chief of the council Udayanand Parbata Maharaj said, “We are holding a religious congregation in Bhubaneswar in the coming days. We have come to invite Naveen Babu for the program and have also blessed him.”

Among chants of ‘Jai Jagannath’ and ‘Haribol’, the spiritual leaders dressed in saffron, honored the CM and blessed him. A disciple of leader Parbata Maharaj, “We see the virtues of well-cultured, well-disciplined and self-reliance in Naveen Babu. He can build a sovereign ‘Utkala’ (Odisha) that is ‘Dharma Niyantrita’ (regulated by dharma, ‘Soshan Bihina’ (non-oppressive), ‘Pakshapata Bihina’ (impartial) and ‘Sarba Hita Prada’ (all benevolent). We are always in his support.”

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