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12-Day-Old Boy And 18-Month-Old Girl Branded With Hot Iron

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11 June 2017


Keonjhar: It seems like there is no end to blind faith and superstition in Odisha with latest report of two children being branded with hot iron to cure illness in Keonjhar.

According to reports, an 18-month-old girl of Patapani Sahi under Sadar block was branded with hot iron by her father to cure swelling of her stomach. Later, she was admitted to hospital as her condition worsened.

In another incident, a 12-day-old baby boy was treated with hot iron by his grandmother as his umbilical cord had swollen. This incident was reported from Baharaguda village under Harichandanpur block in the district.

In spite of numerous awareness campaigns and extensive media coverage, this age-old practice of child branding resurfaces every now and then, challenging the authorities and their efforts.