150-Ft Long Boat For Boita Bandana Ritual In Balasore Village

Balasore: As the people of Odisha celebrate the auspicious occasion of Kartik Purnima with religious fervour along with the age-old tradition of Boita Bandana as a mark of reverence to their glorious past of erstwhile Kalinga’s maritime practice, the 150-feet-long boat made by the villagers in Soro area has been a cynosure here in the district.

The locals of Manitri village under Soro block also celebrated the Boita Bandana occasion with such an eye-catching boat this year too.

As the State Government has imposed Covid-19 restrictions on religious congregations this time as a precautionary measure to curb spread of the dreadful virus as well as save lives, the villagers were seen having observed the pandemic protocols.