18000 FANI-Hit Trees Saved, Odisha Govt To Launch Massive Plantation Drive From July

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Government has geared up for a massive plantation drive in the aftermath of severe cyclonic storm FANI while 18,000 affected trees have been saved and efforts are on to save more such trees.

This was informed by Odisha Forest & Environment Minister and the Secretary of the Department on the occasion of World Environment Day today.

To mark the global occasion, a State Level Eco Project Exhibition on the topic ‘Air Pollution’ was held at Rabindra Mandap here participated by the students of various schools from across the State.

The Minister also released the 57th Edition of the Newsletter on the special occasion.

Talking to media, Odisha Forest & Environment Minister Bikram Keshari Arukh said, “The students of Eco Clubs of various schools from the districts of Odisha have today exhibited their projects. These projects will certainly help in creating mass awareness on environmental protection.”

He informed, “State Government is always aware of the protection of forest and environment of Odisha. In the recent past, we have encountered FANI. We have all experienced its suffering inflicted on us. Hence in the days to come, lots of new programmes will be initiated by our department for the protection of forest and environment.”

“The trees, those were fully uprooted, have been taken away from the spots. The trees, those had simply leant down, they have been restored at the spots. In future, especially in the coastal belt, massive plantation drive will be taken up by the State Government in the places lying deprived of trees post FANI,” stated the Minister.

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS, Odisha Forest & Environment Secretary Suresh Chandra Mohapatra said, “Today we are observing World Environment Day. On this occasion, the hon’ble Minister gave away ‘Pakruti Mitra’ awards to 167 organisations. Hope, those organizations will be more encouraged and others will follow the suit how to protect the environment at their respective localities.”

He informed, “It’s now a month post FANI. Leaves have now sprouted in most of the trees. This is not the time for plantation. We will begin plantation from July to fill up the gaps. We are trying to save the uprooted trees. Till now we have saved about 18,000 trees.”

He further informed, “Everyday we are trying to save the trees, be it in the park or avenue plantation or even in the private land. We will start plantation activity in a large scale during the ‘Vanamahotshav’ in July. All government departments will do that on their respective government lands. This will be looked after by the Forest Department and OFDC as well as BDA and BMC here in the capital city. Various forest species saplings will be distributed among the people for plantation on their private lands available.”

“Preferably the forest species like Baula, Ashoka, Neem, Karanja, etc. will be provided by us while the Horticulture and other departments will provide fruit-bearing trees. We will import 10-12 feet high saplings from out of our state. About 1 lakh such saplings will be got from outside. Most of them will be planted in the parks, various institutions and government office premises. All the gaps of avenue plantations will also be filled up,” the Forest & Environment Secretary stated.

School teacher Shantilata Mohanty in her media reactions said, “We in our school, all teachers and students, remain alert often how to protect the trees and nurse them. We create mass awareness on the trees as they are our life. We have planted over 500 trees on our school premises. We are taking timely care of them.”

Bikram Keshari Arukh, Minister, Forest & Environment, Odisha

Suresh Chandra Mohapatra, Secretary, Forest & Environment, Odisha


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