2 Newborns Abandoned, Left To Die In Odisha

**Dhenkanal / Bargarh:** A newborn boy was rescued near a pond in a farmland at Ria village under Parjang police station in Dhenkanal district in the wee hours of Wednesday in a very critical condition.

He was discovered by a villager named Duryodhan Samal who had gone to anwer nature’s call. He immediately informed his wife and both carried him to the nearby hospital for treatment.

In a similar such incident, the body of a newborn was found near the bathing ghat of Jeera river. A discovered the body as he was about to take a bath in that river on Wednesday morning. It is yet to ascertained as to who has thraown away the baby in the river and under what circumstances.

Few days back, there were several cases of female infanticide in the State but these two incidents have raised questions on the reasons behind discarding the babies. It is suspected that these may be cases of unwed mothers and the babies must have been discarded due to social stigma attached to it.

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