2 VIMSAR Safai Karmacharis Grievously Hurt In Attack By Contractor’s Goons

Burla: Two contractual Safai Karamcharis of Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (VIMSAR) were grievously hurt after being allegedly attacked by the goons of the contractor under whom they work.

The injured Safai Karmacharis have been identified as Dinabandhu Dunguri and Manoj Kalet they have been admitted to VIMSAR.

Dinabandhu and Manoj have alleged that they were attacked with swords and axes today morning while they were coming to the dharna site.

Safai Karmacharis at VIMSAR are on dharna demanding payment of wages and arrears.

“I am a contractual worker in VIMSAR. Since the contractor has not paid our wages and arrears we were on strike. While we were coming to the dharna site the contractor’s goons-Guna and Thapira attacked us from behind. While Guna was carrying an axe, Thapira was carrying a sword,” said Dinabandhu Dunguri.

“The contractor’s goons threatened us in the night to vacate the dharna site. Today they brutally assaulted our colleagues Manoj Kalet and Dinabandhu in front of the VIMSAR main gate. They have sustained grievous injuries. We have lodged a written complaint with the police,” said Sushil Banchor, a leader of the agitating Safai Karmacharis.



Dinabandhu Dunguri, Safai Karmachari

Sushil Banchor, Leader of agitating Safai Karmacharis