2nd HercUlean ITF Triathlon: 160 Athletes Compete Amid High Tides At Konark

Bhubaneswar: The 2nd edition of the HercUlean ITF Triathlon – Konark 2021 was one of the few sports races or events which was organised since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Triathlon is not an easy sport and requires at least training of 5 to 6 months for any elite or amateur to participate.

“The participation of 160 triathletes on the 27th of Feb 2021 has proved that India has a great scope for this sport and with states like Odisha supporting it we can soon invite the international triathletes too to race in the state.”, said Abhishek Mishra, Founder & CEO, Tabono Sports.

The race started at 6 am sharp with the sprint category flagged off under the supervision of ITF officials and the team from Herculean triathlon as well as personnel from Sports Department. Swimmers were allowed to go in batches with a staggered start as per the Covid-19 guidelines and protocols.

Sprint and Olympic triathlon race category participants had a good time in the swim leg but the participants of the Full Distance Triathlon & Tri.5 category had to face the high tide and that made the swim part the toughest leg in this editions race.

Since each category of races had different cut-off trimmings the race was on from 6:00 am till 12:30 am of the next day. It has been a grueling race this year due to the high tide situation for 2 hours in the morning and the hot afternoon. The event athletes were super motivated to finish the race.

Most of the Triathletes were amazed to see the scenic route of cycling on the Puri-Konark Marine Drive and have decided to join the race again in the 3rd edition 2022. This edition of the Herculean Triathlon race had seen participation from 15 states of the country.


In the Herculean full distance race category in Men’s Vardhan Shirish from Pune, Maharashtra came first finishing 3.5km swim, 180 km cycling, and 42k run in 13 hr 38 min.

In the Tri.5 race category (1.75km swim, 90km cycling, 21km run) Cdr Yashpal Yadav from (Indian Navy) wins the race in 6 hr 30 min 23 sec in men’s and female category Tapasya Singh (Bangalore, Karnataka) in 7hrs 16min.

Olympic Distance (1.5km swim, 40km cycling, 10km run) winners in Male is Rahul Shinde (Pune, Maharashtra clocking 2 hr and 11min and Female Aarthi S (Chennai, Tamil Nadu wins the race by finishing it in 2 hrs 51min.

Sprint Category (750mtr swim, 20km cycle and 5km Run) Male, Dilip Kumar from Pune, Maharashtra in 1hr 6 min, and in Female Mansi Mohite (Pune, Maharashtra) scored 1st position in 1 hr 13 min.

All the winners were awarded cash prizes and ITF racking points will be allotted to them which will then be used to select triathletes to represent India in international games.

About the event

A triathlon is an endurance multisport race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running over various distances. Triathletes compete for the fastest overall completion time, racing each segment sequentially with the time transitioning between the disciplines included.

Triathletes train to achieve endurance, strength, speed, that requires persistent focus, and periodical training in each of the three disciplines, as well as a combination workouts and general strength conditioning. To promote and highlight the level of strength, perseverance, and determination involved in this sport Tabono Sports started a Triathlon in the year 2020.

The different race Categories & Time Cut-Offs for this year’s Herculean ITF Triathlon are:

HercUlean Tri: Cut-off 17 hrs
3.5 km Swim (cut-off: 2 hr 25min), 180 km Cycling (cut-off: 10 hr 30min), 42 km Run (cut-off: 17 hrs)
HercUlean Tri.5: Cut-Off 8hr 30 min
1.75 km Swim (cut-off: 1 hr 20min), 90 km Cycling (cut-off: 5 hr 10min), 21 km Run (cut-off: 8 hr 30min)
Olympic Distance Triathlon: Cut-off: 4 hrs 30 min
1.5km Swim (cut-off: 1hr: 10min), 40km Cycling (cut-off: 3 hr), 10km Run (cut-off: 4 hrs 30 min).
Sprint Triathlon: Cut-off: 2 hrs 30
750 mtrs Swim (cut-off: 45min), 20km Cycling (1hr 45min), 5 km Run (2 hr 30min)