300 More Bridge-cum-Check Dams To Be Built In 2022-23

Bhubaneswar: The check dams under the bridges have made headway in the State with around 45 structures completed in about three months. Chief Secretary Suresh Chandra Mahapatra directed Works and Rural Development department to complete around 300 bridge-cum-check dams during the current year 2022-23.

As per the preliminary estimate around Rs 413 crore would be invested for the purpose. Chief Secretary said, “Such structures will have multipurpose use for irrigation, drinking water, groundwater recharge, conservation of green environment and pisci-culture.”

Bridge cum check-dams, while raising surface water level in the river beds will significantly help in ground water recharge and rejuvenation of eco-system.

“It is a cost effective technology having multiple micro level outcomes. The water conserved through this method could be utilized for irrigation on both sides of the river for growing vegetables and cash crops. The water could also be used for drinking water projects.”

It would also help in creating green environment and checking soil erosion. The raised water level could be effectively used for pisci-culture through self help groups.

Development Commissioner Pradeep Kumar Jena said that the bridge cum check-dams also allowed usual flow of water in the river/creek where it was constructed as the water was held only up to 1.5 mt height. “The Technology proved effective and helpful in context of the geo-climatic conditions of Odisha.”

Total 45 such check dams were completed within two months under different bridges in various districts. Besides, 480 bridges were identified by both the departments where construction of check-dams would be feasible.

Out of this 30 check dams were completed by works dept and 14 were completed by the department of rural development. One 1.5 mt height check dams could yield around 1000 cubic meter.

For example, check-dam under a thirty meter bridge could yield 30,000 cubic meter of water at a particular point of time.

Mahapatra directed the departments of water resources and horticulture to motivate and advise the farmers having land on both sides of the river/creek (where such constructions were completed) for raising the vegetables and cash crops.

Among others, Additional Chief Secretary Water Resources Anu Garg, Principal Secretary Works Vir Vikram Yadav, and Principal Secretary Finance Vishal Kumar Dev attended the meeting.