80-Year-Old Woman Rendered Homeless By Son And Daughter-In-Law

Balasore: In an unfortunate turn of events, an 80-year-old woman was left homeless as her son and daughter-in-law refused to entertain her presence and threw her out of the house after mercilessly beating her and stashing away all her savings.

Maguni Nath, a widow of Bharat Nath, hails from Tundupada under Soro panchayat. While she claims she has three sons, none of them could give her shelter in their homes. She somehow survived with her old age pension and alms she could come by.

Maguni had about Rs 15,000 saved up when, some days ago, her youngest son and daughter-in-law implored her to come and live with them. The hopes of the elderly crashed when her savings was snatched from her.

She alleges her son and daughter-in-law of not giving her proper food or place to sleep. With no money left, Maguni had become a burden for her children. Frequent fights led to the old lady getting beaten up regularly. Ultimately one day she was thrown out of the house unceremoniously.

She somehow landed at the Soro hospital where she is getting treated for the last 12-15 days. It has become her temporary abode. For her fooding, she went to the nearest eatery and that’s how she met Ajay Kumar Dwivedi.

Dwivedi is a former Councilor of Soro Municipality and an advocate by profession. He had noticed the elderly in a dire state and has been helping her ever since.

Ajay now seeks the government’s help in any form to Maguni so that she could live rest of her remaining life in peace.

Maguni Nath

Ajay Kumar Dwivedi