82 Companies Show Interest In Bhubaneswar Smart City Project

**Bhubaneswar :** In a first of its kind for any Smart City in the country, the pre-bid meet on the Master System Integrator (MSI), the Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) on Tuesday saw an overwhelming response from the technology sector, with participation of 82 perspective bidders.

While there were 130 executives from various levels present at the BMC Conference hall to put forth their queries and suggestions before the BSCL the participants included original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators (Sis), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), local players in IT industry and even start-ups in IT-based applied sector.

The response was such that before the pre-bid meeting today, BSCL received 2,010 queries on various aspects of MSI.

The meeting was attended by BSCL CEO Vineel Krishna, GM (Operations) Binay Kumar Dash and GM (Engineering and Technology) Simanchal Maharana, among others.

MSI is said to be the backbone of the Bhubaneswar Smart Solutions Project and has been approved by the Odisha Government. The MSI would cost around Rs 585 crore and will integrate services like Smart Traffic Management, Smart Parking Management, City Wi-Fi, Emergency Response System and City Surveillance under the Smart City Proposal.

As part of Bhubaneswar Smart City programme, the State Government intends to transform city governance and public service delivery by leveraging technology.