A Big Political Equation Might Set In Odisha Politics On Dec 24 & Dec 26, Know Why

**Bhubaneswar: ** When General Election-2019 is near, can political equation along with party-quitting and party-joining be far behind? Though the preliminary process has already begun much earlier, speculations are rife that a big political equation is on the anvil and might evolve out by the last week of this valedictory month of 2018.

It is deemed to be a forgone conclusion that ex-MP Baijayant Jay Panda after ousted from BJD is expected to formally join BJP on December 24 during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Odisha.

Besides his so-called close rapport with PM Modi, Baijayant’s defiant write-ups and tweets spitting venom against the BJD leadership had made it loud and clear about his new found love for BJP. If at all it happens, December 24 joining will simply be formal and unknot the suspense.

Notwithstanding that, political observers are of the view that Odisha unit BJP might further plunge into factionalism as ego and vested interests generally reign supreme over a party in politics. Even though the State unit of the saffron party has been showing off a united face led by its poster boy-cum-Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, former Odisha IAS officer Aparajita Sarangi has now joined BJP politics and believed to be poles apart.

Now all are agog to see the state of affairs in Odisha unit of BJP if highly ambitious Jay Panda joins, especially being embraced by none other than Modi who calls the shot and undoubtedly dictates the terms.
Political experts feel that BJP in Odisha is expected to be revolving around three fields of gravitational force, one that of Dharmendra camp, another of Aparajita camp and last but not the least will be the Baijayant camp.

So far BJP’s political bête noire BJD is concerned, the party’s two founder members but later estranged, Dilip Ray and Bijoy Mohapatra, may have their homecoming on BJD Foundation Day on December 26. Both have recently tendered resignations from BJP taking umbrage and grapevine goes that the prodigal sons, Bijoy and Dilip, would be back to pavilion to settle old scores with BJP.

Political analysts also apprehend a tug of war in BJD after BJD icon Biju Babu’s two loyal lieutenants make a comeback to the party they had founded. They also feel that BJD’s epicenter Naveen Patnaik’s supremacy may be at stake as both Dilip and Bijoy had been kept at bay after Naveen Patnaik became Chief Minister of Odisha and ex-bureaucrat Pyari Mohan Mohapatra had become party’s chief strategist.

Senior journalist and political expert Rabi Das opined, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is having his programme at Khurda on December 24 and the place is politically important in Odisha, dubbed as a bastion of BJD. After Aparajita Sarangi has joined BJP, tongues are wagging on the State BJP leadership issue. If Baijayant Panda joins BJP on the day and welcomed by PM Modi, it would hint at the future BJP leader to be projected in Odisha.”

“Whether BJD will embrace Bijoy Mohapatra and Dilip Ray or not has been a talk of the town now. It will be known on the BJD Foundation Day (December 26) as both are the founder members and have recently resigned from BJP. BJD supremo Naveen Patnaik may take them back in party in a bid to take on BJP which has now emerged as a second force to reckon in Odisha,” the senior scribe viewed.

Another senior journalist and political expert Prabhu Kalyan Mohapatra stated, “After they quit BJP, it is being said that Bijoy Mohapatra and Dilip Ray are expected to join BJD. Many are also of the view that it is impossible. Same speculations are rife over Baijayant Panda either joining BJP or Congress.”

He remarked, “No one is a permanent friend or foe in politics. The doors remain open for one and all and especially before the election such a development (quitting and joining parties) is a normal political process.”
He further stated, “BJD’s one and only star campaigner and vote-catcher is Naveen Patnaik. Hence, there is need for another stalwart in the party. In this context, Bijoy Mohapatra and Dilip Ray will certainly further strengthen the party.”

Also he opined, “On the other hand, Baijayant Panda is also a strong leader apart from being financially sound. For this reason, BJP might be thinking that Baijayant’s joining will benefit the party most.”

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