A Girl’s Wheels To The World: Elder Sister Becomes Younger’s Legs In Odisha’s Nabarangpur

**Nabarangpur**: Polio afflicted +2 student Gitarani Gouda wants to achieve success in future. She aims to attain quality education and emerge victorious the game of life. However, her legs do not permit her to do so. In these trying times, Gitarani’s older sister Bhubaneswari has become her wheels to the world.

The heart-warming tale of Gitarani and Bhubaneswari Gouda proves that a sister is like a mirror shining back with a world of possibilities. Elder sister Bhubaneswari carries Gita on her back to and from college every day. She ensures that Gita’s physical disabilities do not become a hindrance from her achieving her future goals.

The sisters are natives of Nabarangpur’s Ghadadhanua village in Kosamuguda block. The two girls are among the four daughters born to Biswanath Gouda and Jayabati Gouda.

Father Biswanath brings in minimal salary from his postmaster job. Eldest sister Niladri has studied till Class 10 and is now married and settled in Chhatisgarh. Second daughter gave up her education after Class 6. Third daughter, Bhubaneswari was not able to pursue higher education due to poor marks in Standard 10. Fourth daughter and apple of the eye, Gitarani was born ‘divyang’. However, the desire and passion for education in Gita’s heart surpassed all others.

A beneficiary of ‘Sarva Sikshya Abhiyaan’ Gita fought all odds to complete her primary education. During her time in school, her leg was operated on twice but in vain. But, this did not waver Gita’s undying spirit.

Till Class 8, Gita’s parents used to drop her and pick up from school. During Classes 9 and 10, Gita was dependent on her friend who used to take her on a bicycle to the school that was five kilometres away from the village. Gita passed her matric exams with flying colors.

For her +2 education, Gita had to move away from her village for quality training. She enrolled herself in Nabrangpur Women’s College for a tuition-free education and rented a house at Gandhi Chhak. To help her achieve her dreams, sister Bhubaneswari also accompanied her. Every morning, Gita rides piggyback on Bhubaneswari to reach her college and comes back to her abode in the same way.

The sight of the two sisters evokes pure emotion and tells a story of how family is the strongest pillar of support in one’s life.

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