Abhijit Iyer Not In Good Health To Fly Back Home Soon: Lawyer

**Bhubaneswar:** Delhi-based journalist Abhijit Iyer Mitra is not in the best of health and the doctors will take a call on whether he can travel to the National Capital anytime soon.

However, prior to that Iyer’s counsel will be submitting the certified copies of his bail granted by the Orissa High Court at the court of SDJM Bhubaneswar and JMFC Konark.

“We have received the bail orders today and the same will be produced before the Magistrates tomorrow. Once the bail conditions are laid we will consult the doctors on whether Abhijit can fly to Delhi or not,” said Nikhil Mehra, Iyer’s lawyer.

On other hand, Iyer’s mother visted him at the Capital Hospital today. Iyer did not have food properly for over four weeks. This led to severe digestive tract problems which resulted in hospitalisation. He is still very weak, said Mehra.