Air Odisha CMD Santosh Pani arrested

The Kandagiri police under the Bhubaneswar Commissionerate Police has arrested Air Odisha CMD Santosh Pani acting on the FIR lodged by one of his business partners Sandeep Ray on Wednesday.

Besides, the employees of Air Odisha have also filed a case in the local court against the firm and its CMD on Wednesday for non payment of their wages.

Notably, Sandip Ray, son of BJP leader Dilip Ray, had been to Khandagiri police station along with his lawyer, Deepak Parekh and another investor Nitish Khimji on the day as they complained of misappropriation of funds and breach of terms by Air Odisha CMD Santosh Pani.

As per reports, Sandip Ray had invested Rs 80 lakh in the firm and has meanwhile got back Rs 40 lakh only after the police intervention earlier. He is yet to be refunded with Rs 53 lakh inclusive of his Rs 40 lakh and 40% profit till date as per the agreement signed.

Nitish Khimji has also invested Rs 1.5 core.

As per sources, the terms of agreement underlines that the partners should have opened a joint bank account and got all the profit amounts earned from sale of tickets, but was allegedly breached.

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