All EVMs Safe As Cyclone FANI Had No Effect On Strongrooms

Bhubaneswar: Despite the widespread trail of destruction left behind by Cyclone FANI, Odisha Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Surendra Kumar today informed the polled Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were all safe and sound in the strongrooms across Odisha.

“However in one place of Puri, the barricade has been damaged. 1 platoon of police force has been deployed for security there,” he said.

It is notable to mention here that the CEO had directed all Collectors to examine the positions of the strongrooms, ahead of Cyclone FANI’s landfall. He had also enquired about the need for shifting or further fortifying the strongrooms with retrofitting and waterproofing.

It is notable to mention here that the counting of votes is set to be done on May 23.