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All You Want To Know About Home Isolation

Bhubaneswar: With doubts surrounding the procedure of Home Isolation as advised to asymptomatic or mild symptomatic cases of COVID-19, Dr. Jayanta Panda, Professor of Medicine at SCB Medical College, Cuttack attempted to answer some queries over Home Isolation on Saturday.

Is Home Isolation Advised For All?

Dr Panda said that Home Isolation is not advised for all. People with comorbidities should not opt for Home Isolation for better treatment of COVID-19 and the primary disease or diseases they are suffering with.

Besides, children, pregnant women and elderly persons are most vulnerable. As their health condition can deteriorate, they are advised to stay in COVID Hospital. It will be helpful in providing them adequate treatment whenever required.

What Precautions Should The Attendant/Caregiver Take?

Dr Panda said that both the patient and the attendant or caregiver should follow some precautions. The patient should not move out of the room where he is staying during Home Isolation and should use masks and gloves.

The attendant or caregiver should also use masks and gloves while taking any food or clothes for the patient and leave the room immediately after completing the task. People visiting the house should also use masks and sanitize their hands before and after visiting.

When Should The Patient Consult The Doctor?

If the patients show any signs of flu, fever and fatigue, they can contact on the given numbers. They can call at the helpline number 104 to seek advice about further treatment or for shifting to a COVID Hospital, said Dr Panda.

What If Symptoms Prevail After Home Isolation Period Is Over?

In such cases, Dr Panda said that the patient can continue the prescribed medicines for few more days. They should consult the doctor and if needed they should go for a chest x-ray and Pulmonary function test, which are the post-COVID tests.

Dr. Jayanta Panda, Professor of Medicine, SCB Medical College


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