American Policies Have Failed In The Middle East: Says Syrian Ambassador Riad Abbas

Bhubaneswar: Amidst on-going tensions between the United States and Iran, another Middle East country, Syria has voiced its support for the latter, blaming the US for aggression. Syrian Ambassador to India, Riad Abbas today said that his nation does not believe and has no confidence in American policies.

Abbas was on a one-day visit to Bhubaneswar where he paid a courtesy visit to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. After the meet with Naveen, Abbas was queried on Syria’s stand on US – Iran tensions. In his response, the Syrian Ambassador went all guns blazing against the United States for its presence in the Middle East. 

He said that all American policies in the Middle East have failed. “All projects of America have failed in South Korea, Ukraine, and everywhere around the World because of the faulty policies of the United States.”

“The USA could not stop nuclear proliferation in North Korea. They could not do any form of development in Ukraine or the Middle East. The Americans follow the Israeli policy in the Middle East and have failed miserably,” said Abbas.

Abbas added, “Israel is our enemy because they have occupied our land. We have requested their premier to come and discuss this issue for a peaceful resolution but did not get any positive response from Israel’s end. If Israel continues to occupy our land, they will remain our enemy forever.”

He continued, “Who had invited America to come to the Middle East and open up a fight? They have willingly made this external intervention in Iran and Arab countries for war because Zionist lobby controls U.S. foreign policy. They have not come here for the welfare of the people.”

Abbas warned, “If the United States does not withdraw from Iran and the Middle East, it will have to face a big problem.”

Dr. Riad Kamel Abbas, Ambassador of Syria

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