Amit Shah’s Jibe Against BJD Govt Sparks Reactions

**Bhubaneswar:** BJP national president Amit Shah’s outburst at the ruling BJD Government led by its supremo Naveen Patnaik during his speech at the ‘Janjagran Mahasamvesh’ yesterday here at the capital city, BJD has sharply reacted to it on the very next day.

Reacting to it, Prashant Nanda, Spokesperson, BJD said, “BJP national president Amit Shah has taken the course of falsehood in his speech yesterday. Whatever the BJP State-level leaders have prompted, he has burst despite cross-checking the facts himself. In the last two-and-half years, Odisha has received only Rs 70,000 crore as Central grant. It’s the amount that used to be extended by the previous Congress-led UPA Government. The incumbent BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre has not given anything extra. If they have given extra it’s in Bihar, Maharashtra, etc, the States they claim to have developed.”

Another BJD Spokesperson Pratap Jena said, “Amit Shah has no rights to ask Odisha for its accountability. The day the BJP came to power at the Centre, it has truncated funds from almost all the schemes and programmes. A glaring instance is that of the funds used to be received earlier for the development of women and children in the State here. Also in the education sector. Eight schemes, prominently the KBK Yojana, was stopped. IAP, BRGF schemes were also stopped. They have yet have a pro-Odisha stand on Polvaram, Mahanadi and Special Package issues. Hence, the BJP has no right to ask Odisha on the Central fund utilisation and developmental issues.”

On the contrary, Prithwiraj Harichandan, BJP leader, Odisha unit said, “We’re ready for open debate on the Central funds and the State Government’s developmental progress. We reiterate our challenge for the open debate before the people of Odisha. Let them come forth. The people already know there is no dearth of Central funds as the volume has been maintained, but unfortunately the State Government here has stood as a stumbling block between the Central funds and pace of tangible development.”

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