Ancient Lion Sculpture Unearthed At Emar Mutt From Ganga Dynasty Period: ASI

Puri: The ancient lion idol unearthed from Emar Mutt premises belongs to the Ganga dynasty period. The officials of Archeological Survey of India (ASI) who carried out an inspection of the excavated site and the lion sculpture came to a conclusion that the idol belongs to Ganga dynasty time.

ASI Superintendent Arun Malik said, “The investigation is on and we are inspecting the samples carefully. However, after cross-matching the existing samples with similar sculptures found earlier, we can say that this lion idol definitely belongs to the Ganga dynasty time.”

A team of the ASI on Tuesday reached at the site to inspect the remains of the ancient lion idol which was unearthed during excavation work under Shremandir Parikrama Project.

Arun Malik, Superintendent, ASI