Animal Sacrifice During Chhatar Yatra In Kalahandi Continues

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17 October 2018

Siddharth Roshan

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Bhawanipatna: Despite steps being taken by various animal rights activists to put an end to the practice of animal sacrifice, hundreds of birds and animals were slaughtered during the famous Chhatar Yatra of Goddess Manikeswari in Kalahandi district today.

Though the district administration and police had conducted awareness campaign to dissuade people from sacrificing of animals, like every year, a stretch of road within four km radius of Manikeswari temple was smeared with their blood.

Talking to OMMCOM NEWS, Kalahandi SP Battula Gangadhar said, "We have conducted rallies with help of school children and SHG groups to create awareness. Though we have gained some success few ignorant people are still performing the sacrifice in name of tradition."

Gangadhar claimed they have been able to control the animal sacrifice this year by 50 percent and hopes to gain more success in future with additional awareness and enforcement. "It is not only the case of Chhatar Yatra but such practice is being followed in many temples. It is our responsibility to create awareness and put an end to it," he added.

Animal rights activist Jayanti Das had approached the Orissa High Court many a times seeking a ban on the cruel practice of animal sacrifice. The court had in November 12, 2010 disposed off her petition seeking ban on animal sacrifice in religious places suggesting her to approach concerned district collector with her grievance which shall be considered and disposed of by the collector in accordance with law.

Das had even in March 2011 filed another petition in the High Court, seeking judicial intervention to stop sacrifice of birds and animals during Badayatra in Malkangiri district. Further in September 2017, she again moved the High Court seeking ban on animal sacrifice on public road in Bhawanipatna during the Chhatar Yatra but the court still remained disinclined.

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Battula Gangadhar, SP, Kalahandi