Aparajita Sarangi Accorded Reception At Odisha BJP Party Office

**Bhubaneswar: ** After being inducted into BJP on November 27 at New Delhi, former Odisha cadre IAS officer Aparajita Sarangi was today accorded reception at the saffron party’s State office here.

In her media reactions, she said, “I’m very much pleased and excited. For the last three days, I have been mixing with all. Some of our leaders were at Delhi on my joining day and I had met them there. After returning Odisha, I’m feeling at home.”

“Invitations have come to visit different villages and districts. My sole aim is to strengthen BJP in our State. Joining hands with the masses, I wish to transform our State into a very much developed one. We all should unitedly remove the two tags of poverty and backward plaguing our State,” she appealed.

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