Apologize To PM, Pratap Sarangi Tells Opposition In LS

New Delhi: Minister of State and first-time MP Pratap Chandra Sarangi opened the first debate of the 17th Lok Sabha on Monday by launching a scathing attack on the Congress, asserting that the opposition should apologize to the Prime Minister for building a false narrative against him in the general elections.

Speaking on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s address, Sarangi sang praises of Narendra Modi terming him a rare statesman amidst protests from the opposition. 

Sarangi, breaking into Sanskrit, Odia and Bangla while speaking mainly in English and Hindi recited ‘shlokas’ and poems to attack the Congress and the misrule of the United Progress Alliance (UPA). 

Known for leading an austere life, Sarangi said the opposition should introspect after the crushing defeat and be magnanimous in praising Modi who has been given an unprecedented mandate by the people. 

He said that people rejected the “milavat” (adulterated) and accepted the pure referring to the Grand Alliance of the opposition in Uttar Pradesh which came together only to defeat Modi. 

Sarangi said the opposition was jealous of Modi and should not stand with the “tukde, tukde” (Those in favour of breaking India) gang. He said such people have no place in the country.