App Busts ‘Selfie With Ghost’ Story

**Bhubaneswar**: Two days after an Odia news channel telecast an ‘exclusive story’ called ‘Selfie With Ghost’ in its prime time leaving the viewers shocked, the truth behind the story has finally come out – and it’s a mobile application.

Numerous apps like ‘Ghost Camera’, ‘Ghost In Photo’, ‘Ghost Photo Camera’, Selfie With Ghost’, ‘Add Ghost To Photo’ will create the same for you, if you wish, and it’s not at all a news. Forget the exclusive part.

But the news had soared the TRPs of the news channel, and went viral, being shared on Twitter, Facebook , WhatsApp and YouTube.

It became the talk of the town, with gossips in the corridor regarding the authenticity of the ghost projected.

People started to actually believe against scientific reasoning.

The news channel aired it without checking the credibility.

On top of it, the woman was found in the studio speaking about her ordeal with the ghost for the last two years, how she was followed constantly, and showed her acting skills giving the right expressions and noises at the right time.

But, OMMCOM NEWS as a media house have a duty to enlighten the viewer, dispel myths rather than spreading rumours.

Our reporter also downloaded the app and clicked his own photo and in no time that ‘ghost’ too appears behind his photo proving the news wrong.

Here’s how to use this application to know the truth behind the story.

(a) Download and Install ‘Ghost in Camera’ or ‘Ghost in Photo’ application from Playstore

(b) Select the photo from gallery or click a fresh selfie photo

(c) Now you need to select the ghost of your choice which you need to place on your photo

(d) Ghost will appear on your photo with movable mode

(e) You can adjust the size and tilt the ghost to fix properly on your photo

(f) Save the image and the image will be saved in the gallery of your application

The news channel has drawn criticism from different quarters for airing the ‘Selfie with Ghost’ story at a time when the State, especially interior pockets, is under the grip of superstitious beliefs which have led to witch hunting incidents.

Was the woman playing a prank on the television channel, saying blatant lies regarding a ghost hovering in her house or the channel was playing a prank on its viewers? It is yet to be ascertained. But, to toy with the sentiments of thousands of viewers all across the State for a few minutes of fame cannot be justified in any manner.


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