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Are Top Indian Brands Mulling No Ads On ‘Hate Speech Ridden’ News Channels?

Bhubaneswar: Amid the rat race of TRP (Television Rating Point) among the TV news channels these days and the way hate speech and spitting venom being promoted with impunity resulting in far reaching consequences as well as posing serious threat to social harmony and national integration, leading advertisers of top Indian brands have reportedly resolved dragging their feet from sponsorship.

The immensely concerned advertising firms are reportedly giving a second thought now on keeping such private TV news channels at bay from sponsoring their toxic prime times and panel discussions as that would send a very wrong message in the society as if the ace brands are endorsing the hate speech and toxic news broadcastings.

Reports revealed that the safety of the brands is now at stake on such news channels as being felt by the aggrieved advertisers. The advertising firms have already started reconsidering not to waste money advertising the top Indian brands on such controversial news channels.

It is being felt by the advertisers that such toxic effleunt on the news channels are instilling negative effect into the minds of the viewers, especially the promising citizens belonging to the younger generation.

Sources informed that Amul company contributes 35-40% of its total television budget to news channels as they are vital media to reach out to the Indian consumers easily. Same is the case with other top Indian brands.

Sources also revealed that lots of top Indian brands have already curtailed advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and the reason being cited the same hate speech and toxic propaganda.


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