Ashirbad Refutes OCA Financial Irregularity Allegations

**Cuttack:** Former Odisha Cricket Association (OCA) secretary Ashirbad Behera on Saturday claimed that no financial irregularities had occurred In OCA and Odisha Congress leader Mohammed Moquim was trying to defame him.

Behera, who virtually controlled OCA for more than three decades, has also alleged that Moquim sought for his help during the State Assembly Elections in 2014 but he refused.

Addressing a press conference, Behera said that the senior Congress leader is trying to defame him out of past grudge.

“The allegation of financial irregularities of Rs 500 crore in OCA is baseless because it received only Rs 320 crore funds in last 16 years,” Behera claimed.

Responding to this, Moquim said, “We are trying to fight against the corruption that has been going on in OCA for many years now. Those who held the office during that time are responsible for this. I never sought for his help as he is no more associated with the Congress party.”