ASI To Open Non-Living Monuments, Sites In Odisha For Public From July 6

Bhubaneswar: Amidst COVID-19 pandemic the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has planned to open non-living monuments and sites, and museums under its Bhubaneswar circle, from July 6 for the public in Odisha.

As per the press note issued by the ASI, in Bhubaneswar, caves, and other monuments or ruins situated on the Udayagiri and Khandagiri hills, ancient remains inside and outside the rampart of Sisupalagarh as well as Raja-Rani Temple will be opened to public from the scheduled date. In Cuttack, the ancient monuments of famous Barabati Fortress will be opened.

Here’s the list of Non-Living Monuments/Sites and Museums under ASI, Bhubaneswar Circle to be opened from July 6, 2020:


Bhubaneswar Sub-Circle



1. Churanga Garh Fort locally known as Sarangarh Dadhapatana (Churangarh) Cuttack & Khordha
2. 2. Asoka Rock Inscription Pandya (Jaugada) Ganjam
3. 3. Paramaguru Temple together with adjacent area Bhubaneswar Khordha
4. 4. Papnasini Tank together with adjacent area Bhubaneswar Khordha
5. 5. Sahasralinga Tank Bhubaneswar Khordha
6. 6. Rock inscription of the edicts of Asoka and the sculpture of elephant Dhauli (Bhubaneswar) Khordha
7. 7. Small rock cut cell with a niche and an inscription of Santikara, a Bhauma King Dhauli (Bhubaneswar) Khordha
8. 8.  All ancient caves, structures and other monuments or remains that are situated on the Udayagiri and the Khandagiri hills Jagamara (Bhubaneswar) Khordha
9. 9. Ancient remains inside and outside the rampart, mostly buried Sisupalgarh (Bhuabneswar) Khordha
10. 10. Raja-Rani Temple Bhubaneswar Khordha


Cuttack Sub-Circle


11. 1. Ruined Fortress Chaudwar (Agrahat, Bandalas, Chattisa, Govindjew Patna) Cuttack
12. 2. Ruins of the Buddhist temples and images Bandareswar (Lalitagiri) Cuttack
13. 3. The ancient monuments of Barabati Fortress and the ruins and remains of all ancient edifices, walls, gateways, etc., save and excepting the Mosque Barabati (Cuttack) Cuttack
14. 4. Ruins of Buddhist temples and images Nalitgiri (Lalitgiri) Cuttack
15. 5. Four colossal images named- (i) Varahi, (ii) Chamunda, (iii) Indrani and (iv) Kalijuga in the compound of the Sub- Divisional Officer’s Quarters Sub-Collector’s residential complex (Jajpur Town) Jajpur
16. 6. Three Buddhist Images Sub-Collector’s residential complex (Jajpur Town) Jajpur
17. 7. Old hill containing many valuable sculptures and images Ratnagiri Jajpur
18. 8. Udayagiri Hill, Old hill containing many valuable sculptures, images and inscriptions, etc. of Buddhist age which require protection. On the top, there is a Math and a small temple of Mahakal Chandia (Udayagiri) Jajpur
19. 9. Ancient Buddhist Site, Langudi Hill Langudi Hill Jajpur
20. 10. The Mahratta Bridge known as Attharanulla (eighteen arches bridge) and also as Tentulimal Bridge Siriapur (Jajpur Town) Jajpur
21. 11. The Monolith (a massive stone pillar). Also called Chandeswar pillar Siriapur (Jajpur -Town) Jajpur
22. 12. Paintings on the rock locally known as Ravana Chhaya and other ancient monuments and remains Sitabhinji  (Danguapasi) Keonjhar
23. 13. Prehistoric Sites Baidyapur Mayurbhanj
24. 14. Prehistoric Sites Kuchai Mayurbhanj
25. 15. Prehistoric Sites Kuliana Mayurbhanj
26. 16. Ruins of Ancient Fort Haripur Mayurbhanj
27. 17. Vikramkhol Rock Inscriptions Vikramkhol Jharsuguda


 Dhenkanal Sub-Circle



1. Rock-cut Vishnu Rasol (Bhimakand at NTPC) Anugul
29. 2. Chausathi Yogini Temple together with Three MinorShrines and adjacent land Jharial Balangir
30. 3. Ananta Sayi Vishnu Saranga Dhenkanal
31. 4. Ancient site of Asurgarh Fort Asurgarh Kalahandi


Archaeological Museums under ASI, Bhubaneswar Circle

  1. Archaeological Museum, Ratnagiri, Dist- Jajpur, Odisha.
  2. Archaeological Museum, Lalitagiri, Dist- Cuttack, Odisha.



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