AT Chief Pradeep Sethy, Aide Manoj Patnaik Awarded Jail Terms

**Bhubaneswar:** Multi-crore chit fund scam main accused Pradeep Sethy and his associate Manoj Patnaik were sentenced to 7 and 4 years of jail respectively in connection with the Artha Tatwa (AT) chit fund scam case. The Special CJM’s (CBI) court has pronounced this sentence here on Thursday evening.

Along with this, Sethy has been slapped with Rs 30,000 as penalty failing of which he has to undergo six more months in jail.

Similarly, Patnaik has been slapped with Rs 10,000 penalty.

Both Sethy and Patnaik confessed to the charges framed by the CBI against Artha Tatwa Group on Wednesday.

Notably, the Aartha Tatwa (AT) group defrauded thousands of depositers to a tune of Rs 1,200 crore.