Baby Cobra Found In Rice Bag Of Bhubaneswar Girls Hostel

**Bhubaneswar**: Amidst fear and panic, a baby cobra was rescued from the ground floor of a Girls Hostel in Kedar Gouri area of Bhubaneswar on Friday night. The cobra was hiding inside a rice bag and was spotted by one of the residents named Sagarika Sunderay.

Subhendu Mallick, the founder of Snake Helpline, immediately reached the location and rescued the baby cobra from the bag.

According to reports, Sagarika found the snake when she went to fetch raw rice from the bag for cooking purpose. She panicked and informed the other girls about it.

The girls immediately acted wisely and tied the mouth of the bag with a rope so that the snake couldn’t escape. Then they called the Snake Helpline for help.

When there were speculations about the possibility of presence of some more snakes in that place, Mallick denied. According to him, the snakelet might have entered through a very small opening inside the building or the bag. It is rare to find snakes in properly constructed houses, he said.

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