Baby Girl With Two Heads Born In Kendrapada

Kendrapada: A baby with two heads was born at a private nursing home here on Sunday morning. The child was shifted to the district headquarters hospital soon after birth. The doctors at the DHH confirmed it to be a case of Siamese twins.

“This is a rare congenital anomaly of conjoined twins. A set of thoraco-omphalopagus or thoracopagus, joined at thorax or joined at abdomen and thorax,” said Dr Debashish Sahoo, Paediatric Consultant, DHH, Kendrapada.

The child with two heads, three hands, and two legs has been referred to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Post Graduate Institute of Paediatrics (Sishubhawan), Cuttack. The exact condition of the child can be ascertained after an ultrasound of the chest, abdomen and spine, Dr Sahoo added.

Meanwhile, the parents of the child Umakant Parida and Ambika Parida appealed for help from the State Government. “We can hardly manage a square meal every day. The treatment of our newborn is an impossible affair for us. We request the Government to help us,” said Umakant.

Dr Debashish Sahoo, DHH, Kendrapada

Umakant Parida, Baby's Father

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