Baijayant Orchestrated Health Rumours For Political Gains, Says Naveen Patnaik

**Bhubaneswar:** After a video showing Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik working out with ease and vigour was released recently, all speculations hovering over his health have been apparently dispelled.

In the latest interview to NDTV’s Sreenivasan Jain, Naveen attributed the “rumours” about his ‘ill-health’ to BJP national vice-president and spokesperson Baijayant Panda.
“How did this impression surface that you are not fully physically and mentally fit,” asked Jain?

“One of our ex-MPs spread these rumours,” Naveen responded.
When asked to identify the former MP in question, the Odisha CM confirmed it to be Baijayant Panda.

To the question on why did Naveen believe that he (Panda) could have spread such a rumour, pat came the reply – “I think for his own personal political ambitions.”

The senior journalist asked whether Panda was trying to take Naveen on and leave the party. The Chief Minister responded, “He was trying to.”

Exercising every morning and remaining fit is a routine, the Chief Minister said. “Jogging, cycling, weight lifting and leg exercises are a part of my workout,” he added.