Baijayant Panda Should Answer Who These 3 Bahamas Companies Are & His Links?: BJD

Bhubaneswar: In its series of exposes revolving around BJP’s Kendrapara MP candidate Baijyant Panda, BJD today claimed to placing before media certain facts about the alleged black money and money laundering undertaken by Baijayant Panda for his media house in which he is a director.

Addressing the media before the mandatory ‘silence period’ of Election Commission of India, BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra claimed, “Baijayant Panda had a house which he sold for Rs 17.72 crores to three companies Finlay, Messina and Pikika. He got Rs 17.72 crores. After some time, these three companies came and sold that same house at Rs 1.68 crores to Baijayant Panda.”

“It is a loss of Rs 16.04 crores, but it is a clear positive cash of Rs 16.04 crores for Baijayant Panda,” the BJD spokesperson argued.

In this context, BJD volleyed questions six questions: “Who were these three companies that were registered In Bahamas? Who were the owners of Finlay, Messina and Pikika? From where did these three Bahamas companies get Rs 17.72 crores and invested in Baijayant Panda company? Why did the three Bahamas companies buy equity in his company at Rs 17.72 crores but sell it at only Rs 1.68 crores making a loss of Rs 16.04 crores? Where are these three Bahamas companies today after they closed? Where are their owners? Did they vanish into thin air?”

Claiming further that Baijayant Panda has no answers, BJD stated, “Baijayant Panda has only one answer that he took Rs 17.72 crores but later paid back only Rs 1.68 crores for the same equity making a questionable gain of Rs 16.04 crores.”

BJD also claimed, “In this regard, a journalist also came to Bhubaneswar and informed in a press meet that he had filed complaint with CBI, ED and IT departments but no action is being taken. He (the journalist) challenged that if he is lying then Baijayant Panda should file case against him but Baljayant Panda has not filed any case on him since he knows that this journalist is speaking the truth.”

On the contrary, no counter reactions of Baijayant Panda or from his office were available with OMMCOM NEWS despite concerted efforts till the filing of this news.