Bar Girl Seeks License To Perform At Dance Bars In Bhubaneswar

**Bhubaneswar:** Owing to the raids by Commissionerate Police on different dance bars in Bhubaneswar, a girl employed as singer in one such nightery in the city clarified bar girls are not involved in any illegal activities but work to feed their families.

“While singing on the floor if any customer gives us money as tip, we accept it and later in the night receive our payment from the collected amount. If police takes us in such a situation, we are questioned a lot and become nervous thinking image of our families will be maligned by the press,” she said.

She appealed to issue license for their performance so that bar girls like her can work without any fear as they are not educated enough to get good jobs and sustain their families.

On the other hand, Bhubaneswar DCP Anup Sahoo said the women or girl working in bars are not harassed by the police but they themselves are victims as they don’t possess any consent letter which is essential.

“We are mostly raiding the bars which are organising such performances without license. Not a single bar owner has been able to produce us valid license and have not taken needed steps for functioning of such joints,” he added.

Sahoo further informed that reports regarding the raids have been submitted to the Excise Commissioner and further report of recent raids will be sent accordingly.

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