BBC Films Water Adventure Sports In Odisha’s Gopalpur

**Gopalpur:** In a bid to revive Gopalpur town as an eco-tourism hub and deep water sports place, world renowned scuba diver Sabir Bux has made a documentary on the deep sea in association with BBC’s Discovery Channel.

A five-member team from BBC had shot a documentary on scuba diving on 6 April along with the aid of Bux’s team shot for two days in the deep sea waters of Gopalpur in which the varied species of marine life has been projected, according to the renowned scuba diver.

Now, a team from Mumbai has stationed itself in Ramchandi and doing a short film on the water adventure sports in Odisha with the help of Bux’s Kalinga Divers Association, known for its specialization in training personals towards underwater rescue operations and water sports. It would highlight the water sports like snorkeling, rafting, wind surfing, paddle surfing and boating along the vast coastline in a beautiful warm weather and clear water of Odisha.

According to Sabir Bux, “Gopalpur has similar potential for Scuba diving like Barracuda (Goa) and Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar Islands). Presence of millions of marine species especially the territorial species makes this place unique. It is a suitable place for adventurous water sports. The old jetty of Gopalpur Port can be a secure landing point for boats. Besides, there is no restriction here to get into the sea for scuba diving.”

It would be worth mentioning that Sabir Bux had discovered a 100 year old sea wreak in the bank of Chandrabhaga beach.

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